Texting While Driving

One of the most dangerous instances of distracted driving is texting while driving. Here, drivers remove their focus from the road to send and receive messages multiple times in rapid succession. The act of looking away from the road and removing your hands from the steering wheel to type can have disastrous results.

At Sibbernsen, Strigenz, & Sibbernsen P.C., our lawyers understand the serious accidents that can result when an individual is texting while driving. It is our goal to fully investigate the accident by reviewing the police report, interviewing witnesses and enlisting the aid of accident reconstructionists whenever necessary. By gaining a clear understanding of your accident and injuries, we can develop an effective case strategy in an effort to recover the maximum compensation possible in your situation.

Omaha Attorneys For Texting While Driving Accidents

With an increasing reliance on their cellphones, drivers seem to have a difficult time putting them down and focusing on the road. Whether they are checking their email, using the GPS function or carrying on a conversation through texting, the other vehicles on the road are at risk for a serious accident. Most individuals do not even realize they are endangering the health of the drivers around them. They believe they can quickly look away from the road without losing focus.

This is simply not true. Texting is one of the most dangerous ways a driver can become distracted. The act of reading a text, responding to that text by typing on the screen, putting the phone down and then waiting for the next text — this removes attention from the road multiple times. It becomes easy to miss stopped traffic, changing safety signals or even drifting into other traffic lanes. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible.

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